a stake in mining participatory elements in

A Stake in Mining: Participatory Elements in Swedish

In much of the theoretical literature on governance, the participatory elements hold major significance. Therefore, determining where and when the state holds influence over participation remains important for those interested in the impact of new governance arrangements on participation.

A Stake in Mining : Participatory Elements in Swedish

A Stake in Mining: Participatory Elements in Swedish Mine Development Poelzer, Gregory A Luleå University of Technology, Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences, Social Sciences.

Participation in Monitoring, The Roles of Stakeholders

Common Understanding of Problems and Identification of Solutions: Participative monitoring helps stake holders to get a shared understanding of the problems facing the community or project (their causes, magnitude, effects and implications). This facilitates the identification of solutions.

Section 2. Participatory Approaches to Planning

2021-7-6  In its simplest terms, a participatory approach is one in which everyone who has a stake in the intervention has a voice, either in person or by representation. Staff of the organization that will run it, members of the target population, community officials, interested citizens, and people from involved agencies, schools, and other institutions all should be invited to the table.

USA Rare Earth to take 80% stake in Round Top

2021-5-21  Many juniors are on the hunt for ‘technology metals,’ a broad category that includes cobalt, copper, nickel, platinum group elements, graphite, lithium, rare earth elements, and silver, among

US Nuclear Takes Stake in Space Mining Company

2021-6-9  US Nuclear Corp. said Wednesday that it has taken a 5 percent stake in a Polish company that will engage in mining of space resources. Financial terms of the detail between the Canoga Park manufacturer and Solar System Resources Corp. in Krakow were not disclosed.

Tools and methods in participatory modeling:

2018-11-1  By stakeholders we mean all who have a ‘stake’ in the project. This includes modelers and researchers themselves, who are often considered external to the project but still have interests in it, come with their own biases, and cannot be assumed totally objective and neutral ( Voinov et al., 2014 ).

Participatory Processes in Urban Planning Projects in

2013-8-1  Abstract. In order to provide the first elements of a participatory process initiated and led by Chinese authorities, this paper will look at the citizen’s involvement in an urban planning project in China and discuss possible avenues to sustain the process in a specific local context over the long-term.

Employee Motivation and Work Performance: A

like the mining industry where government and private individuals have a stake in its operations. The industry contributes 5% to the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and minerals make up 37% of total exports, of which gold contributes over 90% of the total mineral exports. So far

Participatory ergonomics: Evidence and

2018-4-1  Participatory ergonomics means actively involving workers in developing and implementing workplace changes which will improve productivity and reduce risks to safety and health or as Wilson (1995) put it, the “involvement of people in planning and controlling a significant amount of their own work activities, with sufficient knowledge and power to influence both processes and outcomes to achieve

Section 2. Participatory Approaches to Planning

2021-7-6  Effective Involvement of Ethnic Minorities in Participatory Planning (Experiences from Yunnan, China), by Dr. Hermann J. Tillmann. Analysis of a participatory planning initiative and some of the difficulties it faces. Participatory Methods is a website that provides resources to generate ideas and action for inclusive development and social change.


2021-7-6  Liquidity mining is the service used in decentralized finance (DeFi) market where users supply liquidity to decentralized exchanges and receive rewards for doing so. A user (Liquidity Provider, or LP), supplying both assets to a given trading pair market, will receive an LP Token that can be staked in our secure staking pools.


2013-7-13  4.6.2 Elements of Participatory Engagement . 62 62 : 63 . 63 . 4.7 Research Process 64 Chapter 5 CASE WRITE UP 5.0 Introduction 65 5.1 Sudapet- The Local Partner 66 5.2 Petrosedan-The Foreign Partner 67 5.3 Petrosedan in Sudan 68 5.4 Corporate Community Involvement of Petrosedan in Sudan 5.4.1 Health Safety Environment (HSE) 5.4.2 Societal Needs

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

2019-3-26  social issues arising from mining projects. Elements Originally conceived as a tool for predicting impacts prior to project development, leading and participatory community engagement approach (see Box 1 for definitions and key The ^stake that each of these different individuals or groups has in a project will vary. For

Ivanhoe Mines and CITIC Metal sign long-term

China’s Zijin Mining Group, which acquired a 9.9% stake in Ivanhoe Mines in 2015 through a wholly-owned subsidiary, will be entitled to exercise its existing anti-dilution rights through a concurrent private placement, which could result in additional proceeds of C $78 million (US $60 million) if exercised in full. (In addition, Zijin and

Stakeholder inclusion in scenario planning—A review

Stakeholder inclusion is a core element of many scenario planning practices. The literature on this topic is vast and has documented that involving stakeholders in such processes is crucial to secure an impact on actual decision making and produce positive societal outcomes.

Stakeholder Participation in Poverty Reduction

2012-1-5  The Uganda Participatory Poverty Assessment Project (UPPAP) constitutes an exemplary instrument of institutionalized participatory monitoring. UPPAP is designed in such a way as to enable the results to extend into the political decision-making processes. A whole system of monitoring groups with different tasks has been established in Tanza-nia.

Paradice Investment scoops up $7m stake in Caravel

2021-5-21  The unnamed large institutional investor that is scooping up a $7 million stake in Caravel Minerals (ASX: CVV) has been revealed in a general meeting notice as US-based Paradice Investment Management.. Earlier this month, Caravel announced it had received firm commitments for a $7.5 million placement via the issue of 27.8 million shares at $0.27 each.

A Mining Startup's Rush for Underwater Metals

2021-6-24  In 2017, the trade publication Mining reported that Barron walked away with $31 million on his $226,000 stake after the Canadian-registered company went public in a reverse merger in 2006. Heydon departed in 2008, and then three years later founded DeepGreen in Canada.

The Beginner's Guide to R-Planet CozyCrypto

2021-2-23  Aether is the in-game currency for R-Planet which you can use to buy the basic elements from the store. There are currently 2 main ways you can collect it: Option 1: Stake NFTs to R-Planet. The easiest and most effective way to get Aether is to stake NFTs to increase your mining power. Every hour, Aether is deposited into your pot and the

Community and Stakeholder Participation

2007-12-14  enabled by effective communication and participatory methods. Local organisations and individuals may also be beneficiaries, if involved in con-struction, maintenance and service projects that receive funding or contracts, and pay for local work. The community should be involved throughout the planning and implementation process.

Participatory research approaches in mining-impacted

2020-10-16  SPECIAL ISSUE: ADVANCING SOCIO-HYDROLOGY Participatory research approaches in mining-impacted hydrosocial systems Kathleen Torsoa, Courtney Marie Coopera, Andy Helkeyb, Chris Meyerc, Anne L. Kernd and Chloe Bradley Wardroppere aWater Resources Program, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, USA; bPanhandle Health District, Hayden, cDepartment Education, Coeur

Level of Stakeholder Engagement and Participation in

2017-1-1  Participatory monitoring and evaluation are done by identifying internal stakeholder and sometimes involving outside facilitators undertake pre-project, implementation and post-project monitoring and evaluation. Guijt [24] identifies with participatory monitoring and evaluation as being cost-effective, empowering, more accurate and more relevant.

CP07-Multi-Stakeholder Engagement Processes

2012-1-31  participatory nature of the processes promotes a greater sense of ownership over its outcomes, and consequently, strengthens its sustainability. MSEPs also stimulate transparent and inclusive decision-making, strengthened stakeholder networks, accountability, and a sense of empowerment, thereby contributing to improved governance.

Stake enhancement in participatory management By

The participatory management is now generally practiced in corporate world also, but I shall be talking about the natural resources only here. Almost all countries in Africa and many Asian countries are promoting participatory management. This shift in management paradigm is a

Achieving Sustainable Development and Promoting

2010-1-26  Achieving Sustainable Development and Promoting Development Cooperation– Dialogues at the ECOSOC iii DESA The Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat is

A Historical Institutionalist Understanding of

2014-12-1  Read "A Historical Institutionalist Understanding of Participatory Governance and Aboriginal Peoples: The Case of Policy Change in Ontario's Mining Sector*, Social Science Quarterly" on DeepDyve, the largest online rental service for scholarly research with thousands of academic publications available at your fingertips.

The Golden Mean in Mining: Talking Points ICSI

The Golden Mean in Mining: Talking Points. by the Society of Jesus Social Apostolate (SJSA) Philippine Province of the Society of Jesu s. In the Philippines, mining has become a contentious and controversial activity. On one hand, there are those who believe sincerely that mining

Learning to Design with Stakeholders: Participatory

Over the last few decades, interaction and collaboration with stakeholders and communities in the design and development of our environment have become integral parts of landscape architecture practice. This article explores the position of this kind of designing in postgraduate landscape architecture education in Europe. An analysis of the international master’s curricula in landscape

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